October 16, 2010

Paladino's intolerance par for the course on campaign trail

This week, Republican New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino showed us exactly how despicable he can be when he unleashed his bigotry and intolerance against the gay community. On Monday, which was National Coming Out Day, this Tea Party favorite told NBC's Today that he stood by his controversial remarks against homosexuality and gay marriage the day before at a Brooklyn synagogue. And these statements should tell the voters of New York that this man is not suitable for public office.

On Sunday, Paladino spoke before a group of Orthodox Jewish leaders, decrying the ways in which people are "brainwashed" about gay issues. "That's not how God created us," Paladino said of being gay, "and that's not the example that we should be showing our children." He criticized his opponent, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, for taking his daughter to a gay pride parade, saying "that's not the example we should be showing our children."

"I don't think it's proper for them to go there and watch a couple of grown men grind against each other. I don't think that's proper, I think it's disgusting," Paladino said. "I just think that my children and your children would be much better off and much more successful getting married and raising a family. And I don't want them to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option. It isn't," he added.


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