April 2, 2010

The Catholic Church As A Safe Haven For Criminals

Let us explore for a moment the notion that the Catholic Church is a safe haven for criminals -- if not a criminal organization, then at least an organization whose leadership engages in criminality.

Such a topic goes beyond the comfort level of some people because it is interpreted as an attack on religion, or specifically on the Catholic Church. People are entitled to their own expressions of faith, to express God in the manner in which they choose, or to refuse to acknowledge the existence of a higher power or Supreme Being. With that said, religious organizations, of which the Catholic Church is an example, are merely social constructions, entities devised by human beings to meet certain goals. No institution is sacrosanct and beyond the laws of nations. There is no mysticism involved, no divine hand sweeping down to make the rules, just people with their selfish motives. Their policies for self-preservation, including maintaining power and the status quo, may or may not correspond with the needs of their followers. Often, the followers be damned so that the corporation can remain intact.

The recent news coming from the Catholic Church does not bode well: when he was a cardinal, the current Pope refused to defrock a Wisconsin priest who molested as many as 200 deaf boys. Another priest faces extradition to Ireland for raping a 15-year-old boy 40 years ago. European politicians are calling on the Church to hold sex abuse inquiries in Ireland and Germany. Germans want to know what the Pope and his brother knew about the decades-long abuse in an elementary school and a German boys' choir that the Pope's brother once directed. And new abuse scandals have cropped up in Switzerland, Austria, and Brazil. Once viewed as solely an American phenomenon, the problem is going worldwide. The Vatican tells its bishops to cover up the sex abuse cases or risk being thrown out of the Church. Child victims are forced to sign statements vowing that they will remain silent about the abuse they suffered. Pedophile priests are not fired or turned in to the authorities but are transferred to other parishes, where they continue to prey on children.

In a game of bait and switch, the Vatican has pushed back at the criticism, attacking the media for a "conspiracy" against the Church for focusing on allegations of the Pope's role in covering up the abuse. But those who themselves are engaged in a criminal conspiracy are in no position to blame their accusers of a conspiracy. That's just getting to the facts.

Surely, some will point to the good deeds of the Church, and good deeds exist, to be sure. A track record of charity, of helping the poor, and of improving society exists alongside a troubling history of participating in slavery and colonization and maintaining indifference towards the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. All institutions are human and therefore flawed. But to whitewash a systemic problem of child sex abuse and pretend it doesn't exist? What is there to fear in the truth, and whose interests are protected by covering up the scandal? The interests of the children? Certainly even the most ardent parishioners cannot excuse the inexcusable and must realize that there is no wiggle room when it comes to the rape and torture of children.

I have concluded that any nonreligious organization with such a track record of abuse would have been indicted under the RICO Act a long time ago. Racketeering, pedophilia, rape, assault, and criminal conspiracy to cover up all of the above -- these are the things for which prisons were made.

The Vatican and its agents are a major worldwide repository for child abusers and pedophiles. Surely, part of the reason for this is the environment of secrecy and sexual repression. Another part of it is a vow of celibacy that encourages an unhealthy attitude towards human sexuality. And it always comes back to sexuality, doesn't it? A policy of homophobia forces gay priests to remain in the closet, in a Church where a sizable proportion of priests is likely gay. The Church condemns contraception, an irresponsible stance given the rampant spread of AIDS in Africa and elsewhere. And the subjugation of women allows an all-male club of crusty old dudes to dominate the Church hierarchy. Certainly, one can envision a more open atmosphere if women were allowed to become priests and provide leadership to a Church badly in need of new leaders.

The Catholic Church is hemorrhaging money due to the billions of dollars in compensation required to settle the sex abuse claims. And no one wants to become a priest, for obvious reasons. This is an anachronistic institution that refuses to change to meet the realities of a modern world. Such institutions eventually die under the weight of their own irrelevance, intransigence, and corruption. And if Church authorities' top priority is saving the Church rather than saving lives, protecting children, and weeding out the criminals in their midst, then it is a fitting demise indeed. Ultimately, those who truly care about the future of this or any other Church should strive to change it.


xavier said...
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xavier said...

I'm very sorry for the unspeakable sins of my priest brothers. It's unforgivable what some of them have done. I only wish that they truly repent before they have to face the final judgment. For to nobody can more befittingly be applied the terrible words that Jesus uttered without a hint of mitigating circumstances whatsoever: “But whoever is a cause of trouble to one of these little ones who have faith in me, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fixed around his neck, and drowned in the deep sea.”

I also feel sorry for all the victims of the abuse by priests, and every Sunday in Mass we pray for them.

Now I feel even sorrier for you, because of the hatred against the Church of God that evidently can hide in your heart no longer, since you made it so blatantly obvious in your post. As I’m pretty sure that in other subjects you must be very careful about the facts, it’s clear that in this case your mind was obfuscated by your hatred to the point of mentioning completely baseless claims against the Catholic Church, without having bothered in the least to look for proof of the many crimes that you accuse her of.

I am pretty confident also in that you regard yourself as an open minded, democratic, freedom loving and tolerant person to the point of virtue. Yet, your hatred again plays you a nasty trick when your words not only betray that hatred but also when you believe to be in the higher moral ground position from where to dictate what Catholics (and who knows how many other religious people) can and cannot believe. You do this when you obviously decided that we are not supposed to, we cannot believe in the divine origin of the Church. You fall in the crassest trap that all pseudo-tolerant people fall in with a surprising ease: you tolerate other peoples’ beliefs only and only if, those beliefs fall in strict line with what you think is believable. It’s the non plus ultra of intolerance, especially when it’s carried out in the name of tolerance.

Your sins are thus not only against the God I believe in but also against the principles that you very likely maintain.

Maybe these lines are not the best approach, likely not, to encourage somebody to review his errors and make amend for his sins. Still, I must pray that you do rethink what you wrote, and try to find proof for the accuracy of your indiscriminate accusations. You would be very surprised if you bothered to find the real truth. I also must pray that you at some point in your life find the need and the strength to fight against the hatred in your heart. Such hatred will always preclude the possibility of your repentance, without which we are able to prevent the forgiveness that our father God is relentlessly offering us, and for which He didn’t hesitate to send his only Son to suffer and die in a cross, for you, and for me, and for everybody.

Your name is Love, but your heart is full of hatred. Please do not hate. Do not hate me (I know, I’m not making it any easier). Most of all, do not hate God, do not hate the Church of God, founded by God, and therefore Holy, not because of her members, that time and time again has been proved are not only very human, but some of them (never nearly as many as your words seem to imply) have behaved as very rotten human beings, indeed. May God have pity on them, on you… and on me.